Thursday, 18 December 2014

troll a lol

Yeah this gonna be trolling post. sorry.

i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't! i got summer holidays and you don't!

what? i dis tell you this was going to be a trolling post. go to bunnings, buy some timber, build a bridge and get over it!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

school holidays

nutmeg here. yeah i didn't use capitols. i explain later if i remember. but any way.

Christmas is nearly here. in new zealand it's 4pm on the 14th just 11 days until christmas, so excited. this year my grandparents are staying for the first couple weeks of my summer hols. then i have camp in janruary. and at the end of that month my uncle hopes to get married. then it's back to school in february.i hear you americans have three months holiday for summer. am i right in saying that? if so, you lucky people. here in nz, the summer hols go for six weeks.! anyway thwe reason why im nit writing in capitols and some of my words aren;t spelt right is because i have a fractured elbow. please do noy ask. i have to go back to the dovtors on wednesdau to see if the swelling has gone down. if it has i'll be gettting a fibre glass cast if not well it might be another weeek in a blackslab. if i do get a cast ill be in it for about 4-6 weeks meaning ill be in a cast for the summrt :(

merry christmas,

ps if i don't post between now and the end of the year, happy new year!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Rants, Ranting and More

Nutmeg here and I'm just letting you know that this is more of  Rant Post than anything else. This contains spoilers for The Last 13 by James Phelan, Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Hereos of Olympus serie and Ranger's Apprentice by John Flaggan. I might also throw in some of my own therioes for Rick's new series Magus CHase and the gods of Asgard.

So where to start? The Last 13.

For those who have read this series, I recomend it. The characters you see the most are Sam (The story may revole around 13 but it's obvious that he's the main character), Eva and Alex. Now I got the last book (titled 1) a week ago. It was meant to come out in America til Today I think and Yesterday in New Zealand. In the first 8 chapters you see how wrong you were. James Phealan can be a little bit of a troll. Let's just say Soloiars is not who you think he is. And I was pretty close with my guess of the Professor. Side Note: Alex wasn't the only surriver.

Heroes of Olympus is Rick Riordan's newest series. The last book came out in October. By now most of the fandam have read Blood of Olympus. Now if you remember about this time last year I think I posted a video about what I thought would happen in Blood of Olympus. Ok my ideas were a little off track but still, some of them turned out to be correct. Nico and Reyna have their own POV. That's pretty cool. Somethings that would have made the whole ending better in my opion. Remembering that Percy has been missing since about October, wouldn't Rick just make a little chapter in Percy's POV about how he went back home and saw Sally and Paul. And What about Annabeth and her family? and Piper and her dad? And Jason and Thalia? I really want to know what happened in the family sector Rick, maybe you should write a short story about this and realse it in Magus Chase. I still love the book but the ending could be better.

Ranger's Apprentic by John Flaggan is a series about Will. He's an orphan with no last name. On the day where the wards get apprenticed to someone or get sent to work in the farms, Will is the only one who doesn't get apprenticed straight away. But the Fief's (Like a state or Region) Ranger (The policeman), Halt, does slip a piece of paper to the Baron (Like a Mayor). Will is curious. He's pretty sure it concerns him so, IF i can remember correctly, at night he sneaks into the Barons room to read the piece of paper. Lets say he's caught but he's going to be Halt's New Apprentice. Now unlike other books where the problem is solved in one book, The Ranger's Apprentice series can be split into some smaller sections
The first book, The Ruins of Gorlon, is a stand alone book.
Books 2,3 and 4 (The burning bridge, The ic bound land and Oakleaf Bearers) is Will's Skadinavain Adventure.
5 and 6 (The sorrcer of the north and seige of macindor castle) are one story. I won't contuine but it goes like that. That's all folks :)
I'll probably do another post with my therioes on Rick's new series. But for now. I've let out my steam before I have breakfast. Only 23 more days til christmas! So excited, And only like 12 school days til the end of the year@

Saturday, 8 November 2014


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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nutmeg's Recomendations

Hey, So at school we were asked to do a character analysis and I did Percy Jackson cuz he's one of my favourite characters (Other than Annabeth and Leo). Ana Because Rick Riordan (My favourite Author) has released Percy Jackson's Greek Myths (or Gods - can't remember) just last week I'm doing a post about some of my favourite books

First up is Percy Jackson. No surprise there. Percy Jackson tells the story of Percseus Jackson, a kid with ADHD and Dylexia. Percy, as he is known as, has a reputation for being a Trouble Maker. The series starts off as 12yr old Percy faces one of his first monster battles. I won't spoil it but we can infer that in Titan's Curse and Battle Of The Labyrith he is 14 because they are the winter and summer of that year and because at the end of BOTL Percy turns 15. The last book, The Last Olympian, he turns 16. You will find this Book in the R (Riordan) section


The Next is The Heroes of Olympus Series, the follow up of Percy Jackson. This series brings in Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank as the new great prophecy is set in motion. The first book (The Lost Hero) you met Jason, Piper and Leo and Coach Hedge. Jason has no memories and Leo and Piper have false memories of him because of Hera. Percy is missing and Annbeth is a minor character in this book. Hazel and Frank are introduced in the second book (Son of Neptune). Percy has no memories and is headed for Camp (Not Camp Half Blood, mind you). At the end of the book, They are seen headed for a ship. The thrid book (Mark of Athena) picks up in Annabeth's pov (point of view for all you non writers) just before Percy, Hazel and Frank met them. The end is pretty much the worst ending of Rick's. It's dreadful - if you haven't alreay read this series you're lucky that you didn't have to wait a whole year. The 4th book (House of Hades) picks up from there. Blood of Olympus is coming out in just over a month.

 it looks awesome doesn't it *fangirling*

The Hunger Games is a pretty good series. This book has been made into a moive with #3 coming out soon. Unfourtunly I haven't seen the movies yet but the Hunger Games is permering on TV tonight so I can't recomend it. That reminds me, even if it's slightly off topic, The Percy Jackson Movies are okay but they are filled with mistakes. Anyway, back to the point. The Hunger Games is revoled around Katniss Everdeen. She and her family live in District 12 in a furture world. Every year two kids are sent to the hunger games to go against 22 other people from the 11 other districts. When Katniss' little sister is reaped, Katniss takes her place, vowing to come home. The other kid chosen is Peeta. Peeta hides a dark secret. He loves Katniss

Divergant is a series which is taking the world by storm. I have read them all are they are pretty good but I say they are for more mature aduidances. This trilogy revoles around Tris Prior, her world,where fractions defind who you are, is falling apart. It's a good read and the movie is pretty actrute btu that's because the author is actually one of the producers.'

My final recomendation is the Ranger's Aprrentic series. My friend has recently introduced me to this series and it's really good. This series consist of 12 books which revole around Will, a orphan who was left at Castle Redmount since he was baby. When he is chosen by Halt, the feif's ranger, as his apprentice, Will is sure and does whatever he can to please him. Books 1-4 and 7 are stories of his apprenticeship to Halt. Books 5-6 and 8-12 are after he has come a graudiate Ranger with his own feif. Because the events of book 7 happen before 5+6 I recomend that you read that one first as it will make much more sense. Unfourtunly I'm only up to the 6th book (I've already read the 7th) so I don't really know much about this series. Some of the other characters are Alyss (his childhood wardmate/ best friend), Horace (An old friend from when they were both Wards, but they weren't really as close as they are now),  Gilan (Halt's former apprentice before Will, he and Gilan are good friends and have been on assiments together) and Halt (He plays a major part in this series, duh)

That's all folks. Nutmeg signing off

Friday, 8 August 2014

Stuff 101

Hey everyone it's Nutmeg. So today I'm going to post somethings that I concider the top tv shows.

First up is Ninjago.

Ninjago is an animatied series on Cartoon Network. It revolves aroung the lives of five ninja. Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay and Lloyd. Together, along with Sensei Wu and Kai's younger sister, Nya, They fight evil and save Ninjago. Unfourtunly for Lloyd, his father seems to be the problem for most of the series. That is until Ninjago Rebooted - the third season. And it's even harder when the final battle comes. You see he's the Green Ninja, destined to stop the Dark Lord. AKA Lord Garmadon - His father. In Rebooted, from which I gather, it's been a few years since the final battle. Also the city is renamed New Ninjago City and it's a technogoical wonder. Unfourtunly I haven't seen all the episodes so I don't know what happens. Actually I do because my friend spoiled it for me.

Next up is Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is an animatied series on Disney. This series revolves around twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who are sent to Gravity Falls to saty with their Grunkle Stan for the summer. There, Dipper find. Together along with their friends Wendy and Soos they try to piece together the mysterys of Gravity Falls. Season 2 has just premired with episode 3 coming out on the 11th in America on Disney XD.

Winx Club is celebrating their 10th birthday. This series has 6 seasons depending on what version you watch. We are currenlty waiting for episode 17 in english but it will be a while. WInx Club revoles around six girls who are actually fairies. The first couple of seasons are about Bloom, who discovers that she isn't as oridanary as she throught. When she meets Stella, Stella convinces her to come to Alfea, collage for fairies. There they meet Musa, Tecna and Flora. Together they battle witches. In the second series they meet Aisha or Layla in the 4Kids version. It's a good series with two moives and another comming out this year.

So that's all I have to say for now. If you have already seen these I sudgest Tenkai Knights or Max Steel. Or Danny Phantom or American Dragon:Jake Long. Or Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm having trouble desiding pt3 - With Bailey Tucker (non-secret trio verison)

Hi guys, Nutmeg here. I know, I promised that I would post more offten.

SO... latley my excuses are this

  • Homework
  • School Holidays
  • My birthday (just last week)
  • School
  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Watching stuff
this is what you've all been waiting for. Unfourtunly I don't have two paragraphs sorted. I am using all the characters from the secret trio verison expect for Beck Turner. I am replacing Beck with Bailey Tucker. They have the same personlities and look similar - Bailey doesn't have a tattoo.

Wayne and I land with a thump. I look around. There was no city. No trees. Nothing. Just a barren desert.
And Wayne.
“Where are we?” Wayne asks quietly.
“Where do you think? There’s no humanity for miles!” I yell sarcastically. Wayne backed away with his hands up. It was not a good start. I grab Wayne’s bag and find his “trusty” pocket knife.
“What are you doing?” Wayne asks suspiciously. I sigh. Why did I get stuck with this guy?
“If we’re going to survive here I’ll need to cut my hair so that I don’t over heat,” I finally reply. Wayne looks at me. He’s about to speak. I give him the stare and take a deep breath. I brought my hair round onto my shoulder, flip the knife up. It touches my hair. In one swift movement, strands of brown hair descends down and lands on the scorching desert floor. Wayne rolls his eyes. Typical boy. Close by is a wooden crate. Whoever put us here had some common sense to give us some supplies. Wayne jumps on it and the wood snaps. Most, if not all the contents were useless here in the desert. Who needs the complete Narnia collection and flippers while trekking to the closest city? Wayne started to rummage around.
“EUREKA!” He yells suddenly. In his hand was a canteen. I grab it and open it to see how much water was left. A full bottle.
“Lets get going,” I mutter, swinging the canteen over my shoulder.

“Can. We. Stop?” Wayne asks between breaths. I shook my head. I take a breath and stood still. It wasn’t clean, fresh air like it was back home.  But it would have to do. I scan the area. The sun was behind us and there is still no sign of civilianisation. All I can see is sand, sand and Wayne. I open the canteen. Only half left. We need to conserve it. I take a tiny sip. Not enough to quench my thirst but enough so that I didn’t get too dehydrated.
“Piper, can I have the canteen?” Wayne asks. I hand it to him.
“Only a tiny sip Wayne, we don’t have much left,” I reply. He nods. I start walking again. We travel in silence. There is no use in using our energy to talk. I start thinking about the others. Were they too in a barren wasteland, trying to get home? Thats when I remembered the reason why Wayne and I were here.
“When we get home, Randy isn’t going to be a happy person,” I mutter.

“Wayne, where’s the canteen?” I ask, some hours later. There was no reply. This could only mean one thing. Wayne had finally lost his voice. I almost yell in joy. But... Wayne hadn't been talking. Maybe he had fallen behind. I stop and turn around. Wayne smiles. He was hiding something.
The canteen.
I sigh. He must have drank all the water.
“That water was the only water we had left, it was supposed to support both of us!” I yell.
“Well we won’t need it because the city is over the horizon,” Wayne says, pointing to the east. I couldn’t see anything.
“How did you know that?” I ask
“The water bottle told me so,” Wayne replies.
“Let’s go then!” I say, running off. Wayne follows. We would survive.

Sorry for the chifhanger.
Nutmeg out :) ♥☺